Bank Account for EU Premium

EU companies with non EU UBO and director(s) VISA card $ and MasterCard €

More features
EU premium = 950 €

EU Company and non UBO within EU

  1. Fast issuing of a prepaid Card
    (next day for no-name card)
  2. Low ATM fees
    (1% for cash disbursements)
  3. Personalized or no-name Card
    attached to the account
  4. VISA and/or MasterCards
    for each person in the company
  5. Card processing direct available
    for your online shop
  6. Extended personal support

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

EU premium
= 950 €

EU Company and non UBO within EU

EU companies with non UBO and director(s) within EU
Included: MasterCard (€) and VISA ($)
*No physical presence +100 = 1-2 weeks
**Express opening +200 € = same day opening


EU = European Union
UBO = Ultimate Beneficial Owner
IBAN = International Bank Account Number
SEPA = Single Euro Payments Area
POS = Point of Sale / Point of Service
ATM = Automated Teller Machine
FCA = Financial Conduct Authority is the conduct regulator
for financial services firms and financial markets in the UK.

Required documents

The following documents are required:

  1. Directors and owners (more than 20%):
    Copy of passport document with consumption calculations (telephone, gas, electricity, water, etc.) of the actual residential address.
  2. Certificate of Incorporation / M & A
  3. Annual report (for companies already trading)
  4. Copy bank statement of existing bank account
    (for companies already trading)

Documents require no external notification.

Account Activation & Payment

You don’t pay anything until your account has been approved.
After payment you have access immediately to your account and you can order VISA and/or MasterCard

Go go Business Application!

Bank Service

Opening Corporate Bank Account has become one of the biggest problems lately. To choose the right bank is one of the most important steps to the success of your business.

We help you to open account in many banks without personal visit and to open Corporate Account with minimum waiting and minimum paperwork.

EU Company

EU Companies with UBO
and dirctor(s) registered within EU.
MasterCard included...

EU Premium

EU Companies with none EU UBO
and/or director(s) With VISA card ($)
and MasterCard (€)

Non EU (HK Ltd)

Non EU companies (but not Offshore) With VISA card ($ ) and MasterCard (€ )


Offshore Companies in all jurisdictions with VISA card ($) and MasterCard (€)

Private Account UK

Non EU residents can open account, for all bank operations with MasterCard

Online Account

Business- and Private Account
You apply online. VISA or MasterCard.
Member fee advance payment!


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